Updating Faculty Profile

Please note: Do not upload any files into the Media Library. Please host your CV and any other linked documents on your Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive account via a public link. For assistance with replacing your profile photo, please contact Stefanie Dion Jones.

  1. Go to http://education.uconn.edu/
  2. At the bottom of the webpage click Webmaster Login
    Webmaster Login
  3. Login with your Net ID and password if prompted
  4. On the menu on the left side of the screen click People
    People Link
  5. Find your name in the list or in the upper right enter your name in the search field and click Search people
    People Search
  6. Click your name to edit your profile page.
  7. See the following Aurora guides for directions on how to make edits: https://aurora.uconn.edu/training