Neag Student News (Undergrad & Grad)


In order to reduce the amount of email students have to read through, the Neag School of Education has consolidated individual emails into a single digest sent once daily at 9:00 a.m. to students. The new student daily digest, titled “Neag Student News” will be powered by the same software developed by UITS to run the UConn Daily Digest sent each day at 11 a.m. If there are no announcements scheduled for a particular day’s daily digest, no email will be broadcast.

Daily Digest Rules

There are two rules in place for the daily digest:

  • Announcements must be submitted two business days in advance
    ex: an announcement you would like broadcast on a Wednesday must be submitted on a Monday
  • Announcements can be repeated a maximum of 3 times

Submission Process

Anyone with a NetID can submit to the Neag Student News by visiting the Soapbox site (Soapbox is the software that powers the Daily Digest)

  1. Go to the Soapbox site at:
  2. Click the blue “Submit Announcement” button
  3. Sign in with your NetID & password
  4. Select “Neag Student News” as your publication
  5. Choose an upcoming publication date
  6. Fill in the headline, announcement details or a link to an external announcement, and your contact information

Review Process

Announcement submissions will be reviewed daily by the Dean’s Office and placed into one of the following categories:

  • Special Category
    reserved for urgent messages
  • Deadlines and Important Dates
    important dates to remember and upcoming deadlines (application deadlines, paperwork deadlines, semester deadlines, etc.)
  • Schoolwide Announcements
    messages applicable to all Neag School students
  • Scholarly Announcements and Events
    scholarly events such as conferences, speakers, colloquia, dissertation defenses
  • Technology and Information Systems
    announcements about IT systems
  • Funding, Grants, and Scholarships
    funding opportunities for students
  • In the News
    Neag faculty, staff, students, and projects featured in the news
  • Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction
    announcements specifically for students in EDCI programs
  • Dept. of Educational Leadership
    announcements specifically for students in EDLR programs
  • Dept. of Educational Psychology
    announcements specifically for students in EPSY programs
  • Office of Teacher Education
    announcements specifically for students in Teacher Ed. programs
  • Course Announcements
    announcements about upcoming course offerings
  • Research
    opportunities for student research
  • Employment Opportunities
    opportunities for student employment or professional job announcements
  • Neag Graduate Student Association (NGSA)
    announcements from NGSA
  • Teacher Education Student Association (TESA)
    announcements from TESA
  • Miscellaneous
    announcements that don’t fit anywhere else