Departmental Network Shares

The network shared folders and files for each department in the Neag School of Education have moved to a new server, please follow the Instructions to connect to research network shares below to connect to the new server. If you have questions or experience any problems mapping or connecting to the new file server please submit a Tech Support Request at .

Instructions to connect to departmental network shares

Windows Instructions

Windows computers should automatically map the departmental network shares as the Q: drive and should appear as a disk drive when you open My Computer or when you open or save files in a program.

Network shares can be accessed from off campus, please follow the instructions for accessing Neag network shares off campus.

If the Q: drive does not show up, you can map it manually:

  1. Open My Computer from the Start Menu or Desktop.
  2. Click “Map network drive” from the bar at the top of the window or click Tools -> Map network drive.
  3. Change the drive letter to Q:
  4. Enter \\\EFS as the Folder
  5. Click Finish

To delete an old Mapped Network drive:

  1. Open My Computer from the Start Menu or Desktop.
  2. Right click the old drive letter
  3. Click Disconnect

Mac Instructions

If you are off campus you will need to connect to the VPN using Pulse Secure prior to connecting to the shared instructions available at .

  1. Open Finder or click on the desktop.
  2. In the menu at the top of the screen click Go -> Connect to Server
  3. If this is the first time connecting enter smb:// in the server address field and click the “+” button to the right.
  4. In the list of “Favorite Servers” double click on “smb://”
  5. If prompted for a username and password enter your Net ID and password